Transcription from
Nisga’a: Dancing in Both Worlds (voice of Frank Calder @ 10:06:44)

On the evening of a certain summer day, five people arrived on the opposite bank of [the river]. The people who were along the beaches, some of them sitting down on a nice grassy hillside, watched these people as they were pitching a tent.

The chief told his braves to go across the river to find out what these people were doing.

You see this little instrument here? We were looking through it to place a line on this side of the river. We were going down that way, and so far down that we were gonna cross the river and we’re gonna go behind your community, cross the river. And then we come back there and Queen Victoria, our gracious queen, is gonna give you this land. Out came the Hudson Bay muskets; no more conversation. And they pointed at those surveyors and said, “Get off my
land!” That was the birth of what is now known as the British Columbia Land Question.
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