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Aboriginal title
They made it clear that they wanted to sue the province, to have the courts declare that their aboriginal title still existed.

Aboriginal title: a unique interest in land and resources based on ancestral occupation and use. (Shared Learnings).

Nisga’a Lisims government is comprised of our legislature … and our executive, which is analogous to cabinet (28:13).

analogous: similar, parallel, showing analogy (Complete Oxford Dictionary).

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… the bureaucracy in London ruled that the matter must first be dealt with by a Canadian Court.

bureaucracy: government by central administration, officials (Complete Oxford Dictionary).

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Nisga’a Lisims government is comprised of our legislature … and our executive, which is analogous to cabinet (28:13).

cabinet: inner circle of political appointments controlling government policy (Complete Oxford Dictionary).

colonial suppression
This is the story of the survival of a people who overcame… a century and a half of colonial suppression (00.23)

colonial: of a country or territory occupied and ruled by another country (BC First Nations Studies).

[the] crown
…merchant adventurers sought their fortunes in the rich lands of North America, which were still under the control of the crown (01.40)

Crown: the government under a constitutional monarchy (First Nations, Inuit and Metis Peoples).

Chief Israel Sgat’iin led a delegation to Victoria to confirm the rights of his people to hold ownership of their land.

delegation: body of delegates, deputation (Complete Oxford Dictionary).

* * * * *

Encouragement of local entrepreneurs… will help support these objectives.

entrepreneurs: one who undertakes a business or enterprise with chance of profit or loss (Complete Oxford Dictionary).

Nisga’a Lisims government is comprised of our legislature … and our executive, which is analogous to cabinet (28:13).

executive: branch of government or organization concerned with carrying into effect laws and agreements, or with other management tasks (Complete Oxford Dictionary).

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the law shouldn’t be an impediment to development, but actually help open the doors for development….
impediment: hindrance, obstruction (Complete Oxford Dictionary).

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My status hasn’t changed a bit. I mean, I can pass my trap line on to somebody else, or sell it. And I come under provincial jurisdiction...

jurisdiction: the power or right to exercise authority monarchy (First Nations, Inuit and Metis Peoples).

* * * * *

Nisga’a Lisims government is comprised of our legislature … and our executive, which is analogous to cabinet (28:13).

legislature: branch of government responsible for debating and enacting laws; place where such discussion and action occurs (Complete Oxford Dictionary).

Prime Minister Borden in Ottawa agreed to treat the matter with the utmost liberality, but nothing was done.

liberality: free giving, freedom from prejuce, breadth of mind (Complete Oxford Dictionary).

They spent many days on the road lobbying to have a Nisga’a case….

[to] lobby: seek to influence through interviews; solicit support of (Complete Oxford Dictionary).

This magnificent wooden structure, based on the principles of the longhouse, is home to the Nisga’a Lisims government (27:50?).

Longhouse—large cedar plank house. Some were 450 meters long (.

* * * * *

The mood in BC was unsympathetic toward Indians. They were being marginalized.

[to] marginalize: : to relegate to an unimportant or powerless position within a society or group (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary).

In 1864, missionaries arrived in Kincolith, imposing alien teachings and disrupting age-old cultural traditions. (04:00)

missionary: person sent to another country to spread a religious faith and engage in charitable work (First Nations, Inuit and Metis Peoples).

You know, Canada is made up of multifaceted societies and we’re part of that, and a very proud part of it.

multifaceted: having many facets or aspects (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary).

* * * * *
More than three thousand people perished in the fire and noxious gases.

Noxious: harmful, unwholesome (Complete Oxford Dictionary).

* * * * *

At this stage, one of the obstacles was Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau himself, who said of aboriginal land claims, “Our answer is no.”

obstacle: thing that obstructs or holds back progress (Complete Oxford Dictionary).

* * * * *

Petition (Land Claim’s Petition)
In 1913, Nisga’a leaders delivered a Land Claim’s Petition to the Privy Council in London, England. (09:44)

petition: formal written application to a court for an order that will change existing law (Complete Oxford Dictionary).

Privy Council
In 1913, Nisga’a leaders delivered a Land Claim’s Petition to the Privy Council in London, England. (09:44)

Privy Council: body of advisors or counsellors chosen by the British King or Queen to consult on state matters (Complete Oxford Dictionary).

Proclamation (Royal Proclamation)
King George’s Proclamation of 1763 decrees that Indian people should not be disturbed in their use and enjoyment of the land.

Royal Proclamation of 1763: proclaimed Aboriginal peoples as “nations or tribes” and acknowledges that they continue to possess traditional territories until they are “ceded to or purchased by” the Crown. The Proclamation has never been repealed and has the force of law in Canada, recognized in section 25of the Constitution Act of 1982. (Shared Learnings)

* * * * *

The final stop was Ottawa to present the negotiated and ratified treaty to the House and await the results of the vote (24:33).

[to] ratify: confirm or accept by formal consent, signature, etc. (Complete Oxford Dictionary).

This was a sad time in the valley. Smallpox and measles ravaged the communities….

[to] ravage: devastate, damage, have destructive effect (Complete Oxford Dictionary).

In order for you to get into heaven, our people were told by the missionaries, “You’ve gotta burn your regalia, the most sacred blanket of our nation. (04:38)

regalia: traditional and/or ceremonial clothing and headdress. (Shared Learnings)

The surveyors continued their work establishing reserves across the province. The government in Victoria stepped up its policy of suppression of aboriginal rights. (07:29)

reserve: defined in the original Indian Act as “a tract of land, the legal title to which is vested in the Crown, that has been set apart by the Crown for the use and benefit of a band.” The Federal government has jurisdiction over reserve lands and the people living on them (Shared Learnings).

Residential Schools Program
Another misguided and cruel step was the Residential Schools Program

Residential School: Schools created by churches and the federal government where Aboriginal children had to reside for the duration of their schooling (Shared Learnings).

* * * * *

a vital step in developing research strategies to monitor salmon runs, and ensure sustainability.

sustainability: living within the earth’s limits – improving our health and well-being by reducing and eliminating pollution and waste (David Suzuki Foundation).

* * * * *

time immemorial
Since time immemorial, K’alii Aksim Lisims, the River Nass, and the mountains which surround it, have been home to the Nisga’a people
immemorial: ancient, beyond memory or record (Complete Oxford Dictionary)..
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