The following list of ideas is provided for teachers wishing to incorporate Aboriginal content with the use of the DVD - Nisga'a Dancing in Both Worlds.

Digital Storytelling

There are many images provided within this website that may be used to create digital stories in programs such as PowerPoint, iMovie or Movie Maker.
Story Concepts could include:
  • How to tell your personal History – like a totem pole – image blending / shifting
  • Biographies – of key people – Dr. Frank Colder, Prime Ministers (their impact), James Gosnell, Rod Robinson, Jim Aldridge, Mike Harcourt, Tom Molloy, Nelson Leeson
  • Nisga’a alphabet / primer

Google Earth

Google Earth can be used to navigate Nisga'a related geography and extend to concepts including exploration of Canada, The Canadian Railway, Maps of Canada
Students could create their own stories by creating locations within a Google Earth file.
Mathematics can be connected with distances and units of measure using the Ruler Tool. (How far to Victoria, Ottawa, Prince Rupert, Terrace)

Historical Events / Animals

Animals have played critical roles in sustaining the Aboriginal Peoples. The animals highlighted in the DVD could then be further explored or researched including the impact of historical events on the animals
- Eagles / Volcanoes
- Fishing(Salmon, Shellfish) / Canneries
- Exploration / Settlement / Pollution

Photo glossary

Students could create a photo glossary of their learning about aboriginal peoples and culture using the resources available within this site.


Students could create a wiki to share their class learning and artifacts of their learning.
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